Become A VIP

Help support one of the best Rust experiences on the internet! Your donation goes directly to our server bills.

And maybe a beer.


Our VIP Benefits

We strive to provide an improved experience for our VIP players without unbalancing the game for our unpaid players or spoiling gameplay. For $10, you’ll receive 3 months of VIP access with benefits including:


  • All Vehicle Licenses.
    Normally, you have to grind out Scrap to get the higher level vehicles. Unlock them all with VIP!
  • 7-slot death-persistent Backpack.
    Stop losing your precious items when you perish.
  • High Quality Vehicle Parts.
    Stop using those rusty old pistons. Get the nice shiny ones instead! Unlimited uses.

  • VIP on all Servers.
    When you donate to one of our servers, you become a VIP on all of them. Join today!
Frequently Asked Questions
How Long Does the Process Take?

Once you check out through Tebex, the command is sent to our server in just a few seconds! If you have any issues, please contact a server admin. Our email address will be sent out with your order receipt.

How Much Does VIP Cost?

Our VIP Program costs $10 for 3 months of VIP Access. Get high quality parts, all vehicle licenses for free, and more!

Can I support the server in other ways?

Of course! Read below about voting for us on Rust-Servers.Net.


Daily Vote Rewards

You can help spread the word about Boogston’s Private Reserve by voting for us daily on Rust-Servers.Net! Use the link below to sign in with your Steam account and vote for us.


After voting, type /vote into the in-game chat and instantly receive 1,000 Scrap. You can vote for us once per day, so help promote the server and stack your rewards!

If you’d really like to contribute to our server please consider becoming a donating member.

Frequently Asked Questions
What Does This Cost?

It doesn’t cost you anything! You can vote for us once per day and receive 1,000 Scrap in-game at no charge.

How Soon Do I Get Rewards?

You should get your Scrap instantly! After voting on the website, type /vote in the ingame chat to claim your reward. If it takes more than 20 minutes, please contact an admin!

Why do I need to login with Steam?

Logging in with your Steam account enables us to link your vote or donation payment directly to the user on our Server. No private information is shared with us by Steam, Tebex, or Rust-Servers.Net.