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Hit F1 in-game and type in the following:




Boogston’s Private Reserve

Our Features:

  • Offline Raid Blocking
  • Persistent Backpacks
  • No Trash Blueprints
  • 5 Minute Nights
  • 10x Stone/Wood/Cloth Only
  • No Cheesy Mod Overlays
  • Stackable Boxes
  • Balanced VIP + Vote Rewards
  • Simple Kits

There’s so much more than we can fit into a quick list here. Head to our Server Info page and let us tell you all about how we’re improving Rust.

Why Boogston’s

We’re busy folks, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want to have some fun playing Rust. We got tired of getting destroyed and losing everything just because we only had a few hours to play. After hopping from modded server to modded server, we realized that the same of set of mods on the default settings at 10x just didn’t scratch the itch. To get it right, we’d have to create our own blend of maps, mods, and tools. From that moment on, the Private Reserve was born.

We didn’t want cheesy overlays or badly designed pay to win mechanics, we just wanted to focus on having more fun. With our mix of adventure, resources, and rewards you’re bound to have a great time.

Welcome to Boogston’s Private Reserve! We’re so glad you found us.


Rust For The Working Human

Stop settling for crap servers with a toxic player base. Stop settling for the usual set of mods with the default settings on the same old island. Start spending your time on a server that cares about the details. 


Why VIP?


Instead of the usual “give the VIPs AKs” approach, we have a completely different angle for our VIP members.


No cheesy name highlighting. No one wants to get griefed just because they have a name highlight in chat.

Rewards For Everyone

Don’t have the cash to contribute? No worries! You can vote for our server and earn in-game rewards as well. Details on the VIP page.